Microblading $550

What is Microblading?
Microblading is a natural looking semi-permanent hair stroke tattoo. Microblading is all done manually with a hand tool by creating a hair like scratch in the skin & depositing pigment. Results can last anywhere up to 1 -2 years or longer. We specialize in the “feather brow.” This is a microblading technique that enhances the brows you already have and makes your brows look very natural! Whether you would like thicker brows or just a small enhancement to your already full brows we can do it all. Come see us for your consultation to find out what is best for your brows!

How Many Times Do I Come Back?
All permanent cosmetics are a 2 step process. The first is your initial appointment, which will take 1-3 hours, this includes numbing, mapping out your brows or lips to your face shape & liking and the initial tattooing. After 4-8 weeks, you will return for a touch up appointment.
Because it is essential, we have included your first touchup in the initial price. *If you decide you would like any more adjustments after your initial appointment and first touchup, you can always book another “additional touchup” for a separate fee of $100. This appointment is essential to finishing your permanent cosmetics & where we can make any desired alterations with color or shape. For microblading, because it is considered semi-permanent, you will book another touch up 1 year to 18 months after your initial session, this is the “yearly touch up” and is a separate fee.

How Long Does It Last?
Permanent cosmetics will last up to 5+ years. Because microblading isn’t implemented as deep into the skin, it is semi-permanent and does not last as long as a regular tattoo would. Every person is different and our skin reacts differently. Depending on your lifestyle (sun exposure, skin treatments, etc.) your microbladed brows can last anywhere from 1-2 years. Also, depending on how closely you follow the aftercare instructions, that can affect the length of time your permanent cosmetics can last. It is best to stay on top of your permanent cosmetics by getting a “yearly touch up” to keep the shape and color fresh and looking its best.

Does It Hurt?
Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, however, all permanent cosmetics will begin with a topical numbing cream. After the first pass, I will apply a numbing gel that can go deeper into the skin. If you are feeling uncomfortable at anytime, I can always apply more numbing gel. Client comfort is key!

Things To Be Aware Of

  • – Must be 18 years of age or older on the day of your appointment.
  • – You cannot donate blood for 6 months- 1 year after your service.
  • – Sun exposure, laser, hair removal, chemical peels are all factors that can cause your brows, tattoo or permanent cosmetics to fade more quickly so be sure to list that when filling out consultation forms.




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