At Urban Renewal we use two kinds of wax for our clients. Strip wax and hard wax. Our high-end hard wax is perfect for the most sensitive skin types. Formulated with Azulene, derived from the chamomile plant, this wax has natural anti-inflammatory and softening properties to soothe the skin and remove by only adhering to the hair and not the skin. The strip wax that we use is a very high quality European wax formulated to help slow down the growth cycle in the anagen phase. This is wax has a unique creamy texture and is ideal for sensitive skin and post laser, leaving your skin feeling silky and soft.


Lip: $12
Chin: $12
Nostrils: $10
Cheeks/Sideburns: $15
Full Face: $45
Underarms: $20
Full Arms: $40
Half Arms: $30
Standard bikini: $35
Tight bikini: $40
Brazilian: $47
Lower stomach/lower back $15
Full legs: $65
Half legs: $45
Back: $55
Chest: $55